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If you’ve ever been to a circus and watched a clown ride a unicycle while juggling flaming bowling pins, you know what’s it’s like to plan a wedding completely on your own.

This is where an experienced Wedding Planner can make your life much less stressful. We can help you smile through the planning instead of huddling in a corner breathing into a paper bag.

What can Soiree Sisters do for you?

In a nut shell… as little or as much as you need.

A “Day of” coordinator will liaise with your vendors, ensuring they are set up and running according to the bride’s instructions. She will ensure that the best man has his toast ready and will pull out her trusty sewing kit if the third bridesmaid rips her dress walking from the parking lot. She will also queue the musicians and do her best to beg or bribe your two year old niece to walk down the aisle with her basket of flowers.

On the other end of the spectrum is a full wedding planning package. We will meet with the bride to create a vision for the wedding of their dreams (and budget) and will then set about planning every last detail from the color of the linens to the set list of the band playing the reception. The bride will determine her level of involvement in the process. Some brides may choose to retain final approval of major decisions, or may give carte blanche to the planner to make the vision a reality. 

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